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Sediment Dike

Sediment Dike


Sediment DikeThe Sediment Dike is a tube constructed of a flexible material, and is stored deflated.  When flood conditions threaten, the Sediment Dike is positioned, and a pump is used to fill the device.  The pump draws water and sediment from the floodwaters and discharges into the dike until the dike is filled. 

The base of the dike material and the cross-sectional shape of the dike prevent it sliding away from the force of the floodwaters.  Although the membrane is constructed of a very tough material, the dike can be compartmentalized and valved to prevent total failure due to punctures or a tear. 

As the dike is filled with floodwater, the water is drained and the sediments accumulate in the dike to form a rigid body.  A water-permeable membrane within the dike envelope accomplishes the draining away of the water.  Air within the envelope is released through a vent and overflow on the top surface of the dike.  Once the dike is filled completely with sediment, it’s weight becomes approximately twice that of water. Protection against floodwaters is then assured to the full height of the dike.

Sediment dikes are available in any length from 5 to 1000 feet.



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