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Installing A Catch Basin Insert Filter



Catch Basin Insert Filter

Installing A Catch Basin InsertThe Water Decontaminator catch basin insert filter fits under the grate and removes suspended solids, oils and heavy metals from stormwater. The Water Decontaminator is the best available technology (BAT) for treating stormwater at the source. Filter cartridges are easy to replace and install.

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Trash Capture Device

Debris CollectedTrash capture filters remove trash, leaves and sediment from stormwater. Different size mesh filters are available. This filter is designed to take out trash and large particles (5mm) at the catch basin. An optional fine micron screen can be added depending on the application.

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Above Grade Filter

Above Grade Filter SystemThe Water Decontaminator filter is available in an above grade configuration. These can be fitted with multiple filter cartridges to meet any required flow rates.

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Driveway Sediment Trap

Sediment Trap FilterThe driveway sediment trap is designed to remove trash and sediment from driveway runoff before it can clog rock well drains. The sediment trap filter cartridge is easy to clean and reusable.

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Sediment Dike

Sediment DikeThe sediment dike is an inflatable dike for flood control. [take out the extra period here] When flood conditions threaten, the Sediment Dike is positioned, and a pump is used to fill the device. The pump draws water and sediment from the floodwaters and discharges into the dike until the dike is filled.

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Manhole Odor Eliminator

Manhole Odor Eliminator InstallationThe Manhole Odor Eliminator is a variable volume bladder system with a carbon filter to treat hydrogen sulfide gas and other unpleasant odors coming from sewer manholes. The Manhole Odor Eliminator is a complete odor control filter system ideal for public areas, restaurant courtyards and any area with high foot traffic volume. The Manhole Odor Eliminator easily installs over a manhole.

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