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Installing A Catch Basin Insert Filter

Catch Basin Insert

The Water Decontaminator is the best available technology (BAT) for treating stormwater at the source. Dirty water entering through the catch basin grate is funneled into the filter housing. The water then flows through a proprietary mixture of wood pulp media, polypropylene and activated carbon. This mixture has been shown to remove common pollutants entering the stormwater system. These pollutants include total suspended solids (TSS), oil, grease, and heavy metals. The treated water then flows out of the Water Decontaminator into the catch basin.

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The filter cartridge is designed so that first flush storm event passes through a denser portion of the filter. The first flush typically contain a larger concentration of contaminants. Maximum filter efficiency is achieved for the standard WD 10x18A filter at 20 gpm. Flow rates above 20 gpm will overflow the filter housing through a built in overflow, not compromising the designed flow rate of the catch basin.

Larger units with multiple filter cartridges can accommodate any load. Filters can be fitted with an optional collection tube for effluent stormwater sampling.

Typical Filter Specifications

  • Total of 6 Lbs. of filter media.
  • 4.5 Lbs. absorbent.
  • 1.5 Lbs. of activated carbon.
  • Filter cartridge contains 1,200 in3 of filter media.

Standard Water Decontaminator Model

The standard model of the Water Decontaminator is designed to fit most standard catch basins (Minimum diameter: 16", Minimum depth: 36"). Custom filters can be built to fit any needs.

Catch Basin Insert Filter Exploded Drawing

Existing Grate

HDPE Deflector
Stainless Steel Support

Deep Bed Loading
Absorber Cartridge

HDPE Housing
Existing Catch Basin

Available Filter Media:


  • Polypropylene Oil-Only Sorbents:  Fine fiber Polypropylene absorbs up to 12 times its weight in liquids. Absorbs fuel oil, gasoline, motor oil, grease, organic solvents, and other hydrocarbons.

Absorbent W

  • Proprietary wood pulp particulate:   Particulate / Cellulose Based Sorbents. Control hydrocarbons (oil based liquids) while repelling water. Absorbs liquids within fibers, absorbs oily sheens, tramp oils and other oil based while repelling water. 100% organic, environmentally friendly and Green Cross certified.

Activated Carbon

  • Activated Carbon: Processed to make it extremely porous with a very large surface area available for adsorption. This adsorbs a broad range of chemicals and hydrocarbons. Washed to reduce fines.


  • Heavy metal media: This media is designed to remove low concentrations of metals.


  • Perlite:  Expanded perlite can be used in removing the typical suspended solids found in storm water. It can trap particulates and adsorb materials such as suspended solids, petroleum hydrocarbons, and particulate bound phosphorus, nitrogen, and metals. This optional media needs to be  specified.


  • Partially Carbonized Organics:  This new filter media is plant based and completely organic. Uses include reducing bacteria, total suspended solids, nitrogen and heavy metals.


  • Metal removing sponge material: This is a high capacity sponge product that effectively reduces and removes zinc, copper, lead and other heavy metals commonly found in storm water. This optional media needs to be specified.


  • Zeolite: This is a highly porous rock that effectively reduces and removes zinc, copper, lead and other heavy metals commonly found in storm water.


  • Phosphorus absorber: Specifically designed to remove phosphorus from stormwater.


  • Heavy metal media: Small grain media designed to remove heavy metal contaminates.



Water Decontamintor Catch Basin Typical Configurations

The Water Decontaminator catch basin insert can be fitted to the following catch basin styles.

Catch Basin Insert Valley Inlet Storm Drain
Catch Basin Insert Curb Inlet Storm Drain

Valley Inlet



Curb Inlet


Catch Basin Insert Round Grate Storm Drain
Catch Basin Insert Square Grate Storm Drain

Round Grate


Square Grate



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